Designed & made in France

Reinvent the offer in terms of musical awakening.

I created the brand NINA & MILES making allusion to two great jazz artists : Nina Simone and Miles Davis. My main goal was to encourage the musical explorations of little children through a new collection of musical objects.

As a musician and a parent, my musical awakening workshops and my passion for education made me start the big adventure of NINA & MILES. After my training course on the Maria Montessori pedagogy and because I couldn't really find a quality offer in terms of musical instruments and sound objets for children, I decided to invent a whole new line of products.

Karin Laenen, founder

Our (high) place of creation

NINA & MILES is a small creative studio located on the heights of the hill of Montmartre. All our objects are handcrafted in France, in the Jura. Our company carefully selects its service providers at all levels of the production chain (assembly, packaging, logistics, etc.) in order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. 

sacré coeur et pièces en bois Instagram
shaker cylindre sur fond bleu gris

No need to embellish when music itsef is already seductive !

Children are captivated by sounds and musical instruments. There is no need to make them more attractive and make them look like toys. This is why the design of our objects totally banishes references to other worlds and avoids overloaded decors. So : no xylophones in the shape of a fish, maracas with a face, multicoloured objects with childish motifs etc.! We claim clean design knowing that, behind this visual concept, they are hiding above all several pedagogical goals.

foret hetre

Educational, ethical and ecological values

Our company carries pedagogical but also human and ethical values: 

  • We are inspired by several pedagogies including Montessori,
  • our production is 100% "made in France", 
  • we support craftsmanship
  • We use untreated beech wood from sustainably managed French forests.

We are very proud to be able to offer beautiful, sustainable and eco-responsible objects!

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