Designed & made in France

Sound ball | large model ø 70 mm (white tone)

Sound ball | large model ø 70 mm (white tone)

Cette jolie boule en bois au design épuré permet de développer le sens auditif et sensorimoteur de l’enfant. C’est un objet naturel qui invite à être secoué, roulé et exploré par tous les sens !

We imagined this object in order to stimulate and develop the first musical gestures of the toddler. Behind the minimalist design is above all an educational objective: declined in 3 variants, the tone varies according to the filling but the shape and the visual of the object remains unchanged in order to meet the famous pedagogical criteria. "just one difficult element at a time" proposé par Maria Montessori. En manipulant l’objet et en jouant, l’enfant affinera ainsi son oreille fine, sa concentration se portant uniquement sur le son.

Discover the different tones :

Just like the cylinder shaker and the JINGLA rattle, this object refers to Montessori's geometric solids. Thus, by manipulating the sound ball, baby will learn about the geometry of volumes and develop his stereognosic sense*.




(*) To be able to recognize the shape and volume of objects.



Ref. : 0120BSGM
Dimensions : ø 70 mm
Age : from 12 months
Materials: Untreated beech wood from sustainably managed French forests - Filling: plant seeds
Finish: sanded wood
Weight: 95 g
Available in 2 different tones
Tested and CE certified (EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3) by a French laboratory.
Clean with a clean, damp cloth.
Design: NINA & MILES (registered design)


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