Claves in beech

Claves in beech

Our claves are 100% made in France and they are real musical instruments ! Made of solid beech wood from sustainably managed French forests and quite thick, their sound is very clear and resonant.

These beautiful claves are perfect for small hands but not only. They will undoubtedly also be appreciated by adults and, above all, musicians!

As for the packaging, contrary to what is usually done, we are not wrapping them in plastic bags, but we have chosen a much more practical and durable solution. Each pair comes with two elastic straps to keep them together. Moreover, these bracelets have been custom-made by a French company founded in 1859 and labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company). Because that is also what our brand stands for: forging links with other French companies with whom we share the same values.



Ref. : 1120CLAVHE
Dimensions : ø 23 mm x L : 150 mm
Age : from 12 months*
Materials: Untreated beech wood from sustainably managed French forests.
Finish: rough sanded wood - logo: laser engraving
Poids : 85 g
Fabrication dans le Jura

* Our claves are real musical instruments and therefore they are not tested (as a toy) which explains the absence of a CE marking. However, they do comply with the chemical requirements included in REACH regulations.

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